The Eurocopter AS350B2 is a true workhorse of the helicopter industry.  With a large cabin, plenty of power, modifications to keep noise levels low, and true high and hot performance, the AS350 fills a variety of roles.

Fast, tough and efficient, the AS350 is the helicopter of choice for most lift and transport jobs.  With a higher lift capacity than the MD-500 and Jet Ranger as well as a durable drivetrain, the A-star is efficient to operate and can help keep costs down for lift and transport jobs.

The large cabin and high skid package allow us to routinely take large crews to remote landing locations in the Hawaiian islands.  The extended fuel capacity and greater maximum lift weight ensure that we get lift jobs finished faster and cheaper, without having to travel to refuel during the job.

6 Passengers
2000# Max Lift
35′ Rotor Diameter
847 SHP
178mph Top Speed
411 Mile Range